I have a heart problem

The heart is one of the most vital organs on our bodies and we cannot survive without it. According to the CDC website the most common heart disease in the United States is Coronary Artery Disease which can lead to a heart attack. But there is good news. The CDC says that your risk can be greatly reduced with a change to your lifestyle. It sounds so simple but many times what seems simple is a little harder to conquer. 

I have a heart problem. No it’s not heart disease or anything like that. I’m talking about my heart as it pertains to my spiritual life. I can feel God tugging on me to do what is right first, to do better to others than what they do unto me, to love my neighbor (especially the difficult ones) as much as I love myself. Man that creates a serious heart problem for me. You understand what I mean, right? 

It’s easy to love someone who is easy going but so much harder to love the ones that work your last nerve. LOL! For years I have tried my hardest to ignore, get rid of and do without people like that until I realized I am one of those people. God has a way of making me see my flaws in others. I can hear him telling me that I’m not better than anyone else. And as a matter of fact I am just like those that work my last nerve. I believe that he wants me to love everyone like he loves me because we are all his children.

Recently I had a terrible, horrible, horrendous evening which bleed into the next day. I found myself leaning hard into my faith and asking God to help me to be better. What I heard him whisper back to me was that I needed to be better to others. The conviction was clear and afterwards I now have a better understanding of what he means by loving thy neighbor as thy self. Not just the ones that are sweet, friendly and kind but all of them. I knew this all along but I just didn’t want to. The funny thing (that’s really not so funny) is that God has a way of being persistent until he gets me to do what he has asked me to do. The funnier thing is that whatever he has asked me to do has not only benefited the other person but it has been a benefit to me as well. Sometimes it’s more for me then the other person.


I know that this will be a process but just like heart disease it’s a matter of making a different choice (eating better, exercise, less stress, etc.) to prevent long term complications.


Sending you peace, love, joy and light!

Andrea Jacole


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