The Cost of a Chronic Illness

This is a hard topic for me to type out on this screen, because I get so pissed off  frustrated. Why? Because my husband’s 30 day supply of glucophage costs less than a dollar with our insurance. The cost of one of my boxes of insulin costs me $25.00 with insurance, BUT I have paid as much as $50-$75 per box with insurance. I have two types of insulin that I have to take, syringes, and glucose strips, each with a different co-pay. Sigh! If you don’t have insurance, Lord help you! I’ve been there before, and it wasn’t pretty.

Now, I haven’t even touched on going to the doctor. I see an endocrinologist for my diabetes. I don’t allow my primary care to manager my diabetes. I learned a long time ago that it was best for me to go see a specialist. The cost to go see my wonderful endo (and he truly is amazing) every four months, currently is $60 each visit. In the past it’s been closer to $75.  Yikes! The short of it is, I don’t feel like people should have to choose between buying groceries or paying for their medicine. Unfortunately sometimes that’s exactly the place people end up.

Having support, education, and correct information is crucial. Without all three you will survive life with diabetes, but it’s so much sweeter (pun intended) when you have all of them.

Sending you positive vibes, love, and light!


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