More Than Diabetes

Today is day five, and the last day of The 8th Annual Diabetes Blog Week. Today’s topic is sharing a little more about myself, beyond diabetes. Beyond diabetes I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and an administrative assistant. Below is a quick list of twelve things about me.

  1. I’m a lover of coffee, shoes, chocolate, my main man Jesus, french fries, bread, stationary in all forms, pens, and planning.
  2. I’m totally addicted to YouTube and would rather watch it then t.v.
  3. I adore public speaking (presenting and watching).
  4. I would rather have a deep conversation then small talk.
  5. I’m an introvert in it’s truest meaning (large crowds give me anxiety unless I’m speaking in front of them).
  6. I need at least 10 hours of sleep to feel fully recharged, I’m always grumpy when I first wake up (doesn’t matter what time it is).
  7. I hate taking naps so I avoid them unless I’m deathly sick.
  8. I can spend hours shopping and purchase very few items (it’s about the experience for me, not the purchase).
  9. I despise grocery shopping!
  10. My anxiety goes through the roof every time I drop my kids off at school (I know how mean people can be).
  11. My hubby and I can take a four hour road trip with little conversation (just the music blasting and cruise control).
  12. I enjoy planting container gardens because it reminds me of my grandmother.

There you have it, a little bit about who I am beyond diabetes. Let me just say that this week has given me a reason to write again, it has forced me to dig deep for answers, and ultimately it has given me a new perspective on living with diabetes. It had become such a routine that I had almost forgotten how important managing diabetes is. I mean of course I would check my sugar, take my insulin, and count those dreaded carbs, but there are other factors that need to be considered. My mental health being at the top of the list. I’m happy that I had the opportunity to participate this year, and I’m grateful for the comments I received on my posts.

Next week will begin my new schedule of posts. My plan is to update twice a week with a lifestyle post (sharing a recipe, planner system update, budgeting, current struggles, etc.). Have a fabulous Friday loves!

Sending you positive vibes, love and light!


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