3 tips to survive with one car

For the last six years we have been a one car household. My husband and I both work, the kids have school activities, and there are the occasional outside events to attend as well. Below I’m going to share three of my strategies on how we make this work for us.

  1. Keep a calendar of appointments and events. I do most of the driving and the scheduling, so to keep myself sane I try not to overbook myself. If the kids have an event but I can’t get off in time to go pick up my husband then we wont go. Or if I have to work late then I work with my boss to flex my schedule to be able to pick my husband up. Thankfully my employer is understanding of our situation (not every place is like that). It helps that our kids are not in a lot of activities.
  2. Communicate with your spouse and kids. I keep a calendar on the wall in the kitchen that has my work schedule, any doctors appointments, school activities, outside events, etc. This way everyone has access to the same information that I have.
  3. Be Patient. This one is pretty self explanatory but I had to mention it. My husband waits patiently after work for about an 90 minutes for me to get to his job and it’s another 30 minutes before we get home. My commute to drop hubby off in the morning takes about anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, and then back again.

I do have to say that it requires A LOT of time and sacrifice. Our plan is to build our savings to pay cash for a second car, including maintenance, tags, fuel, etc. Nothing is worse than having a vehicle that you can’t drive because you can’t afford the up keep. Been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.

We will eventually become a two car household, but for now we use the time to talk about our day or just ride and listen to one of our Spotify play lists. We enjoy our time together so it’s not a big deal. It has taught us how to compromise, communicate effectively, be considerate, and to be resourceful.

Until next time, sending you positive vibes, love, and light!



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