Why I no longer want an Audi

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved cars. I love how they look, how they feel, and if I’m going to be honest I love how happy they make me feel. It’s like having the perfect twist out if you have natural hair, the right outfit and accessories if you’re into fashion, having your face beat to the gods if you’re into makeup, or the best cup of java if you’re into coffee. Your just happy all day and nobody can tell you anything.

I have vowed not to make the same foolish mistakes that I’ve made in the past. Buying a car because it’s cute and makes me feel good without having a proper savings plan or investments in place. Well I’ve had my eye on an Audi for a while now, and the one that I really want has a base price of $65,000 (I could never afford that on my current salary but a girl can dream can’t she). There I was planning to pay off my current auto loan to purchase my next dream car. Definitely not an a7 but an Audi nonetheless.

That is until I had a deep conversation with someone close to me. We were talking about life choices, and how we have to make better decisions when we know better (which is most of the time). I realized that I was headed down the same path again. Nope! Not today, and I got confirmation after I read a recent article about Amazon’s CEO Jeff Besos who is worth 89 billion dollars. Yes I said billions. The end of the article stated that he doesn’t spend his money on flashy things, and that he drove his 96 Honda Accord for a long while after he became a billionaire. Wait…what? 1996? Yes y’all he is a billionaire who wasn’t too good to drive what I’m sure was a reliable vehicle to get him to where he needed to go.

It confirmed that old habits die hard, but I always have a choice. And I choose not to leave a legacy of deprivation and lack for my heirs. My better choices will help them to make better choices. They are watching! So, I’m sticking to my plan that I spoke about in my post last week. We will save and buy a second car. Our goal is to be debt free, travel, and to be able to live comfortably during retirement.

Whew! That was a close call and I know that there will be plenty more to come. But I am waking up, breaking generational ties that have a negative impact, and getting my life together one decision at a time.

Sending you positive vibes, love and light!


4 thoughts on “Why I no longer want an Audi

  1. I get it ! i wanted a nicer car for so long and I have the money to upgrade my car but it is not worth it to me I have something that is reliable and I have had for years. That was a great fact about the google CEO I wish more people was like that.

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