Planning for payday

Hello loves!

I don’t know about you, but we tend to struggle the most on payday. I feel like a queen when my paycheck hits my bank account. Most of the time I will only pay what we absolutely have to pay on a bill. If it’s not in danger of being repossessed or cut off then I skip it. If my payday was during the week I wouldn’t pack my lunch so I could eat out. Whatever meal plan I had went out the window, and we would eat out for dinner. Most of the time I would need to go to the grocery store. But that would get delayed, because you know, we have money so we can just order takeout.

Those are the not so bad paydays. On the really bad paydays I would say to hell with any sort of plan. Not only would I do all of those things above but I would also shop. I would shop for housewares, clothes, stationary, you name it and I’m buying it. This would go on until I had dwindled down my paycheck to nothing. Happiness was short lived, before I was stressed out AGAIN until payday rolled around. I’ve had a good look in the mirror and I know that I have some bad habits to break. Some are from childhood, and others I have created on my own as an adult. Either way, they have to go!

To break the cycle I’m setting a plan to sit down and meet with hubby on payday. In the past he wasn’t really involved. And leaving me to my own devices, can be dangerous. I need accountability, which is part of the reason for writing this blog. By keeping it real with you, I am also keeping it real with me. It’s hard but I’m forcing myself to be honest. Something about seeing my words in black and white makes we want to do better. Meeting on payday will be for tweaking the budget that we created the month prior. That evening we will sir down together and pay bills. I will have already started creating our grocery list to use at the grocery store the next day.

I’ve also started using Mint to track my spending. Mint helps because I can say that i don’t really eat out, until it shows me my spending in that category. Yikes! Right now we won’t be eating out so the meal plan will include payday, which I will have shopped for during the previous pay period. It won’t always be this way, in the future we will account for it to help us stay within budget. I’ve realized that so much of our problem is not using the budget once we’ve created it. For now we will have to meet often about our finances so we can stay on track, but I’m okay with that.

Do you have any advice for how you stick to your budget?



5 thoughts on “Planning for payday

  1. Perhaps you could sit down the day before payday and setup a budget for it? It’s very tempting to go on a spree and “eyeball” where your money is going when you have it in hand. Then set a limit and stick to it.

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    1. We sat down this month and sat a budget for the entire month, but our problem has been that we never go back to look at it. Hopefully looking at it the day before or on payday will help us stick to the plan. Thanks for the advice!

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  2. I feel you girl-totally understand this feeling! As a consultant I get paid only once a month. At the beginning of the month I felt like I could live like a queen and by the end I was deciding between ramen and PB&J. I started budgeting (first I used Mint, but I recently switched to YNAB) and I also keep track of it on a spreadsheet. It has helped so much! Good luck – sounds like you’re on the right track!

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    1. I can so relate to “feeling like a queen then deciding between ramen and PB&J.” I have used YNAB in the past but never stuck to it. I totally forgot YNAB, but I really enjoyed using it. Thanks for the advice!

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