5 tips to help you stick to your budget when you love to shop

I enjoy shopping for everything, well except for grocery shopping or purchasing hunting supplies. Those are not enjoyable on any level for me. Anyway, I really like to go to the store, browse the aisles, find the sales (which is my favorite part), and make my purchases. I can shop all day, I can shop with others or by myself, I enjoy high end and thrift stores, it doesn’t matter. I like it all. So, how does this all fit into getting my life together aka sticking to my budget? It doesn’t! I’ve had to learn how to tell myself no, a lot.

Here are my top five tips that have helped me stick to my budget.

  1. Unsubscribe from emails that will tempt you to buy. There is always a sale, missing this one will not be the end of the world.
  2. Have a buddy to discuss major purchases with before you make a purchase. Someone else can help talk you off the ledge, and help you to refocus on your goals.
  3. Know your why. Why do you want to purchase the item(s)? Does it fit your financial, spiritual, family, personal goals?
  4. Stay off of social media. Social media is so tempting, and it’s so easy to fall down the proverbial rabbit hole of endless things to want.

I’m not perfect and still go over budget sometimes because I am a work in progress. But the above tips help me out more often than not. Hopefully they can help you too. If you have tips that you use please share them in the comments.

Sending you positive vibes, love, and light!


3 thoughts on “5 tips to help you stick to your budget when you love to shop

    1. Number one was so important for me, because I’m an impulse shopper. Seeing the word sale made me feel like I was missing out if I didn’t purchase it. I’ve also learned to stop watching “hauls” on YouTube. LOL!


      1. Yeah hauls are deadly! I feel you. I manage now with a spreadsheet so I’m constantly tracking my spending. At first it was dull and I used to forget. But now I love it and it excites me to know I’m within my budget at the end of the month

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