7 tips to staying organized for back to school

Hi Loves! Today I want to share with you seven tips that I will be using to stay organized for back to school. Every year I say, this year will be different, I will be more organized! The first week or so goes fairly well, but before I know it I am overwhelmed and not much is getting done. In looking at years before I realized that I haven’t followed through, because I didn’t create a plan. Somehow I thought that by me saying I would be more organized it would magically happen. Nope! The same way that I have to manage my money by telling it where to go, I have to do the same with my time.

Here are seven tips that I will be using to stay organized this school year:

  1. I created a routine for me and one for our youngest son. It’s not a long list, just the basics (i.e. mines-pray, morning affirmations, check bg, lunch bag out of fridge, etc.; his-wash face, brush teeth, brush hair, make bed, lunch bag out of fridge, etc). It’s something that he can visually see and check off. It worked very well this summer with his chore list.
  2. I started using my calendar to plan ahead. I use google calendar for scheduling and a traveler’s notebook for tasks.  I’ve added all of the school events for both boys in google. I am using my traveler’s notebook to manage daily tasks and future planning ideas. I’m thinking of getting rid of the calendar in my TN since it’s a duplicate of what’s in google. The thought scares me a little to only have my calendar in one place. Maybe…
  3. I will be over communicating with my family. There is a wall calendar that hangs in our kitchen with appointments and events, I will be sending our oldest invites via google that has reminders attached to them and I will verbally remind my hubby, because he won’t check the wall calendar or google.
  4. I will sit down every two weeks and create a meal plan. I just started back meal planning, and it has helped tremendously to keep us within budget and it is one less thing for me to worry about during the week.
  5. I try to get enough sleep. Now this may sound funny to you, but sometimes I go to bed at 7:30 pm. It depends on the day I’ve had. If it was rough, I will need more sleep. No matter what, I try to get in bed no later than 10 pm during the week, because I am not a morning person.
  6. I will try my hardest to stay consistent. Our youngest son performs at his highest level during school when we are on task at home. I also stress less when I have a routine, because my mind doesn’t need to think of a bazillion things that I need to do.
  7. I will do what works best for my family. While I would like to think I will hit all six of the above tips, reality is that life will happen. I will fall short at times. I also know that these tips might look different once the school year gets going. My overall goal is to do what is best for my family, so if something (or everything) needs to change I am okay with that.

That’s it, do you have any tips to stay organized for back to school? Share them in the comments below.

Author: Andrea Ja'Cole

I'm a wife, mom of a blended family of six children, and grandma to two (almost three) grandchildren. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 16 years old which changed my life forever but God is amazing so I'm grateful! Some of my favorite things are coffee, dark chocolate, plants, stationery, and books.

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