The How of It All

A couple of days ago I wrote about my new goals for the last 90 days of this decade and entering into the new decade aka 2020 and beyond. If you haven’t read it you can find the post here. With such lofty goals I knew that I would need to write down my goals and not just anywhere but somewhere that I would want to come back to and use often.

I absolutely love stationary, planners, office supplies, books, etc. With that said I had several options to choose from. I was tempted to go out and buy something new but I am working on breaking old habits. One of them is to stop buying the same thing over and over again and I didn’t use the last one. Especially when I don’t have a savings. I dug into my plethora of planners. I have all types and kinds (ring bound, traveler notebooks, discbound, spiral, etc) and just plain notebooks of all sizes. Yep, there was no need to go to the store. I realized that I needed to focus and pick a system quickly before I lost momentum.

I chose the Happy Planner because I had two brand new 2019 planners (that hadn’t been touched all year, crazy I know), undated extension packs, and blank filler paper. Plus I really like Happy Planner for the ease of being able to move paper around, take things out, and put things in when I need it. Sort of like my beloved ring bound planners. I grabbed the planners (both classic size), the wellness extension pack, the home extension pack, filler paper and got to work.

I separated the two planners, one for my personal goals and health/wellness tracking/goals that has a calendar (monthly/daily list) and the wellness extension pack. The other has the other calendar and home extension pack. It’s basically for household management (budget, projects, holiday planning, cleaning, meal planning/master grocery list, and the calendar (monthly/weekly) to break down projects and holiday planning into small sections.

I know it’s only day 3 but I have been using both planners everyday. I still have several things to get out of my head and on to paper but it’s about progress not perfection at this point. Now the tempting thing is that I want to buy the new 2020 Happy Planner but I have refrained so far. Right now I’ve convinced myself to use the pages I have and I can redate the unused pages and use them for next year. It wont be that bad and I still have 9 blank months from this year. I just can’t justify the cost at this point.

Look for another post coming soon with pics of my put together goal & life planners.

Sending you positive vibes, love and light!

Author: Andrea Ja'Cole

I'm a wife, mom of a blended family of six children, and grandma to two (almost three) grandchildren. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 16 years old which changed my life forever but God is amazing so I'm grateful! Some of my favorite things are coffee, dark chocolate, plants, stationery, and books.

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