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When I originally started writing this series I was thinking about the day to day things that can make me feel overwhelmed. Since then many schools have extended spring break, some have cancelled in person classes until further notice and moved to online learning, there are new terms like social distancing and COVID19, and there is beginning to be a shortage on basic household supplies and groceries. I feel like this part of the series where I will talk about the resources I use to beat overwhelm is needed now more than ever. If you missed the first two parts you can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Please note that this is NOT an exhaustive list of resources and what I have listed here is what works for ME and it might not work for you and that is okay.


  • Prayer – I had gotten away from this one until the incident that I mentioned in my last post. I knew I needed to get back to this and since I have I feel so much better. My prayers aren’t long or complicated. I just talk to God and ask him for help in the area that I’m struggling with.
  • Breathe App – I use this app that’s on my Apple watch to take a minute (literally) to stop, not think about anything, and just breathe. I can usually do this anywhere but if I am really struggling I will step into the restroom (at home or work) and do it.
  • Text/Call Hubby – I am blessed beyond belief to have married my best friend. He really gets me and has my best interest at heart. He listens (so I can vent), gives me advice on how to handle the situation, prays for me, and can always make me laugh (because sometimes it’s really not that serious).
  • Gratitude – If I’ve done my top three and the issue is still coming up to the surface I find that writing down the things and people who I am grateful for instantly lifts my mood. I try to write down one thing/person I am grateful for everyday anyway but sometimes extra gratitude is necessary.

Other things you can do are listen to a podcast, watch an inspirational video on YouTube, listen to music, journal, meditate, go for a walk, exercise, clean, or declutter. I’ve done many of these things at different times depending on what was triggering me. They have all provided me with a necessary break and time to decompress. What do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed? I would love to hear what your resources are in the comments below.

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