A great way to stay on track with accomplishing your goals, working on tasks and completing projects is to do a weekly review but this can only be done after you’ve gathered your information into one place and decided what to do with it. These things are something that David Allen talks about in his Getting Things Done Methodology. Here is what I do and suggest for you too. Pick a day of the week to sit down and gather all of the information from all of the places you have written them down (the list on the fridge, notebook beside the bed, sticky notes on the mirror in the bathroom, notes or reminders in your phone, outlook task reminders, etc) and put them all in one place. I suggest a notebook that can hold everything but you could also use a digital option like Evernote or Google docs to name a couple of my favorite digital platforms. Whatever you use make sure it’s something that you can quickly and easily access. We will talk next week about what to do once you’ve gathered the information in one place.

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