Quick Tip Wednesday: Goal Check In

It’s never too early to review your goals. I sat down this year and set goals on my birthday (Jan. 1) for the year. I chose six areas of my life that I wanted to focus on this year and wrote why I wanted to focus on these areas (I did add one more area later on). Since I started late I went ahead and wrote goals for the first quarter and broke them down for the month of Jan. I just finished writing my third quarter goals, reviewing second quarter and reviewing June.

When I completed my recent reviews I went back and reviewed what I had wrote down during the 1st quarter review. I was shocked that I had let some really important things slip through the cracks during the second quarter. This was primarily because I didn’t go back and review my notes from the 1st quarter review when I wrote my second quarter goals. Argh! This is so important because it helps me to see where my roadblocks were so I can make adjustments. Otherwise I’m just repeating the same behaviors and getting the same results. So, yes I need to review my notes from my most recent review. It sounds silly but it will save me time and keep me accountable.

This week’s tip – Check in with your goals by reviewing your goals at least monthly but as often as weekly to make necessary adjustments as needed. Bonus tip – Keep all of your goals in one place (binder, notebook, etc) for easy retrieval and review.