Quick Tip Wednesday: Reminders

Not everyone uses a paper planner and sometimes you don’t have a pen or piece of paper near by. Don’t let that really important thing slip from your mind. Often times you have your phone close by so you use it to record the thing that you just remembered that you don’t want to forget. iPhones have a great option to set a reminder for a set day/time or when you arrive at a location. I use this all the time. I also have it written down to check my reminders when I complete my weekly review so I can move any items that didn’t get completed in to my paper planner. The key is to put the information somewhere besides your brain so you don’t clutter your bandwidth with minimal information and using reminders on your phone is a great way to do this.

3 things you need in your planner system

My current planner stack!
  1. Capture
  2. Plan
  3. Retrieve

I really enjoy researching different planning systems. There is no shortage of them out there and they all fit different needs for different people at different stages of their lives. Some of the most popular include the Franklin planner system, David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology, the Bullet Journal method, Tonya Dalton’s Inkwell Press productivity system, Jenny Penton’s Planner Perfect method and Lara Casey’s Powersheets just to name a few. There are also a plethora of planning systems and calendars, both digital and paper.

Now you might be wondering what’s the difference between a planning system and a calendar. A planning system is a tool used to be productive in accomplishing your goals and completing long term projects. A calendar simply holds your events/appointments and due dates for projects/tasks. For the longest time I’ve used my planner as a calendar. It wasn’t until recently when I decided that I wanted to increase my productivity and accomplish my goals that I switched my planner to an actual planning system.

There are three common themes that I have found after researching the most popular planning systems and that is you need a place to capture information, a place to plan the information you capture and a easy and quick way to retrieve the important information that you captured. Each of the above planning systems have their own way of completing all three but I use a combination of the Franklin Planner system and GTD. It’s what makes the most sense for the way my brain works and is perfect for this season in my life. There are several other parts to my planning system but the capture, plan and retrieve are vital to my planning system. It’s whats helping me crushing my goals this year.

What are you using to crush your goals? What are some planning systems that I didn’t mention above?

3 Tips to start holiday planning

Hello loves! It’s the last two days of October, which mean the holiday season is quickly approaching. I’ve already started planning for the holidays, but thought I would share a couple of things that have helped me so far. 

My first tip is to create a plan. This can be done digital or on paper. I prefer paper, and currently use the Happy Planner by MAMBI. One of the things I like most about this system are the moveable discs. Meaning I can put things in my planner and take things out as needed. This is helpful when I need to add a menu, grocery list, interesting articles from a magazine or something on the internet, etc. And when the holiday season is over I can move it all out of my planner (and archive it for next year) so it’s not taking up room. If you prefer a digital calendar, you can set tasks in your calendar with reminders for what needs to be done by a specific date. For example, create guest list for Thanksgiving due 10/01/17, create menu for Thanksgiving 10/08/17, etc.

My second tip is to ask for help. I know if you’re like me then you hate asking for help, because you think you can do it faster than the time it takes to explain it to someone who may or may not get it right. BUT asking for help when planning an event is not only smart, it will save you time in the long run. The more tasks you can delegate to someone else (within reason of course), the more time you will have to spend enjoying family and friends. More Mary and less Martha is my goal this holiday season. 

My last tip is to go with the flow. Don’t stress out over every little thing. Again, if you’re like me then I know how hard this can be. I like for things to be perfect, but perfectionism is a myth that has stolen joy from some of the most important moments in my life. Thanks to my husband I’m learning to worry and stress less about things that I have no control over (and the ones that I do). He’s amazing like that! So, don’t worry about every detail to the point that your so stressed out that your yelling at your kids because they (insert typical kiddo behavior here), or your sweating in the kitchen and side eyeing your husband as he walks through and snags a piece of turkey off the platter you just neatly prepared, instead stop and go see what everyone is laughing about in the family room. You’ll thank yourself later. 

Okay, those are the three that I have so far. I’m sure I’ll gather more as the season goes on. Tell me, what are some of your tips for preparing for the holidays?