Quick Tip Wednesday – Storage ideas for planner inserts

I recently revamped the way that I store my inserts, both used and unused. I often refer back to my used inserts for goal setting, appointment scheduling, etc and I needed to quickly be able to grab the next set of unused inserts to place in my binder during my planning routine. Finding a good solution for storing them was important because I was spending way too much time trying to find something I was looking for and getting frustrated at times because I couldn’t find whatever it was. After a little research on how other people were storing their inserts I decided on the following.

  • An old binder to hold my inserts from last year that sits on a shelf close by my desk
  • A Franklin Covey Storage Binder and 3 Ring Mini Binder for my current inserts that sit on the same shelf as above
  • My unused inserts from previous years (2019 and older) as well as inserts that are a different sizes than my current system (personal size, discbound, etc) are being stored in scrapbook storage boxes on the floor in one of my coat closets.

Previously I had inserts all over the house tucked away wherever I had space. Now I can go right to the shelf, grab what I need and move on quickly. It is working like a charm!

I’ve included some ideas below for ways that you can store your inserts:

  • Old Binder that you aren’t using currently
  • Franklin Covey Storage Binder (7 ring planner inserts)
  • 3 Ring Mini Binder (7 ring planner inserts)
  • Loose Leaf Book Rings (any planner inserts)
  • Scrapbook Storage Boxes (any planner inserts)
  • Photo Box (any planner inserts)
  • Expanding File Organizer (any planner inserts)
  • You could also use a XL large binder clip or rubber band to hold them together and put them in an old shoe box

Tell me how you store your inserts? Is it one of the ways that I listed above or do you use something different? Let me know in the comments!

Quick Tip Wednesday: Save your rings

Almost 20 ring binders 🙂

I LOVE ring bound binders! They are my favorite because I can move things around as much as I want or simply take out sections that no longer serve my current season of life. I’m also not limited to what inserts I can use. There are pre-printed inserts, I can create my own inserts, I can hole punch a cute sheet of scrapbook paper and put it in my binder, or purchase printable inserts. The possibilities are endless!

Ring bound binders can be an expensive investment so taking care of them is critical. One of the things that is vital in taking care of my binder is saving (protecting) my rings. Constantly opening and closing my rings can and will cause damage eventually. This is a problem because the damage to rings means that they won’t close all the way and your pages will snag when trying to flip through.

The solution to this issue is to grab a pair of sharp scissors and cut a small slit (on the left side) in each of the holes of the paper. This allows you to pull paper out and pop paper back in without having to open and close my rings. Once I’ve made the slits in my paper and want to take the paper back out of my planner. I will grab the top right side of the page and pull down GENTLY! I want to be able to put the paper back in the binder once I’m done. If I pull too hard I risk tearing my pages. You can fix this with hole reinforcements or by adding washi tape and punching the paper (but try to be gentle to keep from doing this step).

Creating a slit in my pages also solves another problem that I tend to have which is writing in my planner. Taking the sheet of paper out of my planner gives me plenty of room to write and flip through my planner if I need to reference information.

Quick Tip Wednesday: Color Coding

Today I am sharing a couple of great tips from Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons. I absolutely love her website and IG feed. Not only does she share her love of organizing her home, she is a fellow paper planner lover! One of my favorite planner related posts from her website is about how she set up her planner back in 2015. One of the things that she talks about is her color coding system. It’s a great article and you can check out the details here.

I was recently gifted a set of Franklin Covey Blooms in Compact size and the pages are gorgeous! I knew that I wanted to color code my monthlies when I started setting up my pages. In the past I have used color pens for each event and appointment but that looked too busy and it required me to keep those pens with me at all times. It had to be functional and I immediately thought of Toni’s planner.

Snapshot of June in my planner

I enjoy using color coding in my planner because I can quickly see what I have going on in a particular category. I always have a black pen with me so it’s easy to jot down an appointment, which eliminates the need for me to carry more than the pen that’s in my pen loop. I can always go back and add the color dot at a later time. The categories that I use are red for work (everything work related), purple for me (dr appts, meetups with friends, etc), orange for household (haircuts, budget meetings, etc), blue for our boys (school stuff, dr appts, etc), and pink for important dates (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries). These categories match what is in my google calendar, which is color coded as well. Like Toni, I also use highlighters to mark if something is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed. I always hated the way my calendar would look at the end of the month with things scratched out. This takes care of that. The categories that I use are blue for rescheduled, pink for cancelled, and green for postponed.

Categories in my planner

Quick Tip Wednesday: Family List

Select a place that your family can use to let you know what they are about to or have completely run out of (body wash, deodorant, pencils, edge control, etc). It doesn’t have to be an entire family command center, it can be a simple magnetic list pad from the grocery store or dollar tree that you attach a pen/pencil to and stick to the refrigerator. Make it easy to find and simple to use. Grab it before you make your grocery list and add these items to your list.