About Andrea

I’ve enjoyed using a planner for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is the pure excitement of getting a new planner for the school year. And I’m not talking fancy planners here, I mean the school issued ones that you get in middle school that anybody hardly uses, yeah those. I couldn’t wait to crack that bad boy open and fill in every section. I was (and still am) a total stationary geek! Anyone remember trapper keepers and Lisa Frank accessories? Talk about heaven on earth. Coming in close second was the amount of time that I spent in the library as a kid. Every year collecting as many Pizza Hut coupons for meeting (and surpassing) my reading goals was pure joy!

While many things have changed in my life my love of using a planner, cute stationary and books remains the same. I enjoy researching different planning systems, styles, and productivity methods to see how I can implement into my own life. I’m constantly experimenting with different ways that will allow me to be my best during my current season of life.

Here I’ll be sharing how I use my planner, productivity tips and resources that I have found helpful, and a little bit of everyday life. My goal is for this to be a helpful resource that you can use however you may need it.

You can find me everywhere on social media: @AndreaJacole

Inquiries, questions or comments can be sent to andreajacole2@gmail.com