About Andrea


Hello and Welcome to Girl Get Yo’ Life Together! My name is Andrea, and I am married to one of THE biggest Kansas City Chiefs fans around. Together we have a blended family of three handsome boys, three gorgeous girls, and a beautiful grand-princess.

I have loved to write for as long as I can remember. It began in elementary with short stories, and poems. I eventually gave it up, because I didn’t think that I was good enough. So, I let it go but it never really leaves. I’ve had a couple of blogs over the years but none that I’ve truly stuck too. I can blame my inner critic for that. This one has been the one that I’ve had for the longest. My desire is to create a space that women can come to for advice, tips and encouragement on how to manage their everyday lives when they feel that crippling fear, and anxiety starting to creep in. You can look forward to seeing topics about finances, home management, parenting, marriage, and self care.

You can find me everywhere on social media (twitter, instagram, pinterest): @AndreaJacole

Inquiries, questions or comments can be sent using the form below or via email to andreajacole2@gmail.com.